Qatar Worldcup 2022

Football Cup Prediction is a prize game that runs in parallel with the 2022 Qatar World Cup. You can either predict each match or mint for any of the 32 national football teams that qualify for this global football tournament with 1000 1SH token. 

Match Prediction

Shooters, Let's take World Cup prediction to the next level🔥 Are you ready to participate in our tournament and earn massive🤑

Buy your ticket and predict what is the result of the match.

  • A win

  • Draw

  • B win

Each ticket will cost you 1000 1SH token.

  • 95% will be distributed into the match prize pool

  • 5% will be burnt after the tournament ends

After the match if you have won, come and claim your reward.

Let's play the game and enjoy the World Cup⚽️

Who is the Champion

Mint your global football tournament favorite for a chance to share a prize pool!

  • We will add 900 1sh (90%) to the pool prize with each NFT minted.

  • 100 1sh (10%) for each NFT minted will be used for burning after the Final Match.

The winner takes it all. The pool prize will be claimed after the Fifa World Cup 2022 final match. It will be distributed among all the Champion team’s NFT holders. All the Champion NFT will be burnt after the claim reward process.

Support your favourite football team today!

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