Invite your friends to the game and earn juicy rewards together!

Give your friend your referral link and they will start to connect their wallet and enjoy the game.

You will receive a 5% reward once your invited friend successfully buys a box in-game.

Let’s say, you invited a friend and he/she spent 1,000 1SH to buy a Team Box. As a result, you will receive 5% from 1,000 1SH, which accounts for 50 1SH.

All your referral rewards will be sent to your referral balances in 1SH tokens.

The Referral program is only active for buying boxes, not including winning tournaments, marketplace transactions, etc.

Please visit the How to join Referral Program to join our program.

1Shoot reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at our sole discretion

1Shoot reserves the right to terminate all referral commissions from the account if we detect any cheating or intend to have any behaviors affect 1Shoot World.

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